Summer Day Camps

Summer Day Camps at Dovercourt

The best summer Day Camps for ages 4 to teen in Ottawa!

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Every year we create new camps that we think you’ll love. We review and make just the right changes to your favourite camps to keep them fresh and interesting. Theme camps and specialty camps are all designed to provide campers with exciting and unique opportunities, satisfying nearly every curiosity. Dovercourt offers the most amazing variety of summer camp programs in the Ottawa area, providing lots to choose from for campers of every age, with the convenience of our central location and one-stop for drop off and pick up.

The 2020 Summer Camp program book will be available in mid-December. Registration begins Jan. 2, 2020.

Summer Camps 2019 program book

The print version has stickers!


Coming to camp this summer? Here is everything you need to know!


Where to Go:

These maps will be posted around the park to help you find your child’s camp. All camps are expected to be in these areas between 8:30-9:00am and 4:00-4:30pm. Each camp group will have a yellow sign to mark their exact meeting spot.

Summer Camp 2019 location map

Parking during drop off and pick up


Our parking lot is very busy; it may be more convenient to park on one of the side streets (Golden Ave or Roosevelt Ave). If parking on any side streets, please note that parking is not permitted on the side of the road adjacent to the park and please be considerate to the residents of these streets and allow adequate space/access to their driveways. Please park in consideration of all appropriate bylaws.

What to Bring

Please bring the following every day, for every camp:

  • Running shoes & weather appropriate clothing. Flip flops are not ideal for most activities
  • Bathing suit & towel
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch & snacks, nut-free. There will not be access to a fridge or microwave
  • Sun hat & sunscreen. If no sunscreen is provided, staff will use Dovercourt’s sunscreen, Life brand SPF 60

Camp specific items:

  • Kinder Camp – blanket or stuffy for quiet time, extra clothing
  • Sports Camps – required equipment, safety gear (eg. hockey stick and helmet, baseball glove, etc)
  • Biking Camp – bike, lock, and helmet
  • Skateboard & Scooter Camps – board/scooter, helmet, elbow pads, knee pads
  • Boating Camps – watershoes/crocs
  • Outdoor/Adventure/Overnight Camps – bug spray. If none is provided, staff will use Dovercourt’s bug spray, Off! Brand Family Care spray

Camp Hours

7:30am-8:30am                      Pre-Camp (unstructured play and craft/game stations)

8:30am-9:00am                      Sign-in with your Camp Director

9:00am-4:00pm                      Day Camp Activities

4:00pm-4:30pm                      Sign-out with your Camp Director

4:30pm-6:00pm                      Post-Camp (unstructured play and craft/game stations)

If your child is not registered for Extended Care, please sign them out by 4:30pm. Any children not signed out at that time are checked into post-camp with other campers and your account may be billed for the use of extended care. Should you require last-minute late pick up, please call the camp office prior to 4:00pm so that we can update your registration.

Most of our activities begin by 9:15, which may mean travel by bus or walking to a different program room, space, or facility. If you arrive after 9:15am and do not see your child’s group, please visit the camp office and we will sign in your child with his or her camp, or direct you to the right place to meet them.

Pre-Camp & Post-Camp

At 8:30am, pre-camp closes and campers are to head directly to their meeting spot (see the park map). At this time, we are moving hundreds of campers from pre-camp to their camp groups. If you arrive at or after 8:25am, rather than checking into pre-camp, please head directly to your camp’s meeting spot.

At 5:15pm, post-camp sign-out stops while the staff conduct a round of Health & Safety checks. During this time, parents will not be permitted into the post-camp area and must wait at the sign-out desk. Campers will re-group in their camp group and do a sunscreen/water break and will receive a snack. During this time we also take a full attendance and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. While we understand that you may be anxious to collect your child and in a hurry to get home or to other activities, we ask for your patience during this time and let the staff follow the procedure quickly and thoroughly.

If you are unable to wait during this process, we recommend you arrive before 5:10pm or after 5:20pm. 

Camp Swims

Camp swims are incorporated into many of our program plans and appropriate staff-to-camper ratios are maintained during all camp swims.

Indoor pool

Campers who are 4 & 5yrs old must wear a personal flotation device (provided by us) and remain in the baby pool and the ramp area.

Campers who are 6+ yrs old and older will be allowed in the shallow part of the pool (1.0m), and those who pass a swim test will be permitted in the deep end (1.9m).

Outdoor pool

Younger camp groups will make use of the outdoor wading pool (0.5m) and follow the same guidelines as the indoor pool.

Beaches, etc

In any program where campers are in deep water (canoeing, sailing, paddleboarding, etc) all staff and campers will be provided with an approved and fitted PFD that must be worn at all times on or near water.

For programs that include a large water component, a swim test is part of the initial assessment at the beginning of the week for staff to make note of any extra safety precautions. When camps use Ottawa Public beaches, swimming will only occur when the water quality has been deemed acceptable, and when there is a lifeguard on duty.

Water Safety in our Camp programs.  (PDF)


All prescribed medication must be kept in the original package (box/bottle, etc) including a pharmacist label indicating proper dosage instructions and the child’s name.

A medication authorization form must also be filled out and signed by a parent before any child is given medication. These forms can be printed and brought with you on the first day of camp, or filled out in the Camp Office when you arrive. A form is required for all medication provided even if not administered (Epi-Pens).

View & download the Medication authorization form (PDF)

All medications must be signed into the Camp Office by a parent. At the end of the day, or end of the week, we ask that you sign it out again to ensure that we have accurate records of all medications currently stored on-site.

If your child is going off-site or on an out-trip for the day, his or her Camp Director will sign the medication out of the office and bring it with them for the day, returning it to the office again once the camp group arrives on-site.

Epi-Pens must be worn by the camper during the day in a pouch or fanny pack. Staff will not carry Epi-Pens for campers and they should not be placed in backpacks. If your child is bringing a second Epi-Pen, we will store it in the Camp Office for quick access. Please speak to Camp Office if you have any concerns or to discuss.

Parent Handbook

A great resource for parents, full of helpful info to make your day camp experience easy. 

Other Camp information



Camp Waitlists

Our programs can fill quickly. If there is a camp that's full when you are registering, put your name on our waitlist. When demand is high, we can sometimes create a new camp, add more spots, or suggest another option.


Registering for Camps

You can register online, by phone (613-798-8950 ext. 0) or in person for all of our Camps. Details can be found in each of our Camp brochures, available on our Program Guide page.


Make camp mornings easy!

Convenient lunch & snack package provided by Adam’s Apple Café, which you can add at the time of your camp registration. 

$45 includes drink, fruit, snacks & sandwich or wrap.


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