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TRX, zumba and pilates

Registered Fitness Classes


Classes with focus

Our broad menu of specialty fitness classes allows you to explore new activities and hone your skills through the weeks. Classes occur weekly and take place sessionally (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Don't forget about our multiple registration discounts for registered fitness classes: register for 2 classes, and get your 3rd for free (please register by phone or in person, or get an adjustment afterwards by Customer Service if you register online). 

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Discover the many benefits of yoga: increased flexibility, stress relief, toned muscles, better posture and improved concentration. Mats are provided. Some of the classes offered include Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Stretch & Strength, Pilates/ Yoga Mix at various levels, Shanti Yoga (intermediate), Men's only yoga, Power Yoga flow, Prenatal Yoga and Drop in yoga (hatha style). Aerial yoga is a new class that is appropriate for beginner to advanced levels; enjoy the unique sensation of the silk hammocks.


Our Pilates program is based on Joseph Pilates’ original exercises, which focus on core stabilization, abdominal and lower-back strength and flexibility. We offer Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Postnatal Pilates & Pilates/ Yoga Mix. 

Strength & Resistance Training

Your metabolism is improved with regular weight training. Get fit, get strong with classes like TRX, Climbfit and Total Core Conditioning.

Dance Fitness

Energize your body in our dance-styled fitness programs like Zumba and Barre. No dance experience necessary!

Standup Paddleboard

Try Stand Up Paddleboard classes in the warm Dovercourt pool in classes designed to improve your fitness, strength, coordination and flexibility. Classes are provided by Urban Ocean SUP. Check out www.urbanoceansup.com to learn more about the fastest growing water sport in the world. Check out SUP Fitness, Floating Yoga and SUP Six Pack classes.

Babywearing Programs

Moms (and dads) can get fit with their babies in salsa or ballet classes. Your baby will love being swayed while in direct contact with you! We recommend that your child be at least 6-8wks old. Parents must provide their own baby carrier. Explore the latin movements of salsa or the more formal technique of ballet.

Exercise for managing Chronic Health conditions

Gain strength and ability for activities of daily living, whether you are recovering from an illness or dealing with a chronic condition. Rehab classes include Feldenkrais ATM (Awareness through Movement), Rehab walking (great for stroke survivors or hip replacement patients), Osteofit, Aquafit classes like Healthy back, fibromyalgia, post-stroke, arthritis and more. We also offer programs for those with Parkinson's, including Flexibility ofr Parkinson's symptoms Management, Strength and Functional Movement for Parkinson's symptom management and Aquatic Exercise for Parkinson's Symptom Management.

Special Interest

Find unique fitness options like Tai Chi, Total Body Stretch and Feldenkrais ATM


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