Dovercourt Spinning classes


Fall 2019

Spinning classes are now part of our Group Fitness membership! See the schedule here:

Go nowhere…fast!

Spinning is an exciting, effective, low-impact cycling workout on specialized stationary spin bikes that improves cardiovascular function as well as muscular strength and endurance. We incorporate spinning into a number of our specialty classes (postnatal etc) as well in our Group Fitness schedule.


Smooth ride on state-of-the-art bikes

Dovercourt's exclusive fleet of Matrix IC-7 bikes offer Coach by Color® console displays that gives riders a smooth ride and personalized feedback. The Matrix bikes take advantage of all the technology can offer: download the Matrix ICG Training app for iPhone or Android and enjoy solo workouts on the spin bike in our Fitness Centre.

Dress to sweat (ie bring a towel and a water bottle!). Cycling shorts make sitting more comfortable, and the bikes are equipped for cycling shoes with SPD cleats as well are regular shoes. 


Dovercourt Spinning classes with Matrix IC7 spin bikes