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Dovercourt Dance School

Why Dovercourt? Dancers learn the love of dance in a fun environment!

Dancers have developed self-esteem, coordination, balance and poise because of our professional and fun instructors. The balance, coordination and flexibility taught will be a great benefit to any child wanting to learn dance;

“Dovercourt is great as always, thanks. I can teach them a lot of things, but not how to dance.  I’m amazed at their progress!”

With an instructional style that encourages creative expression and movement in a pressure-free atmosphere Dovercourt’s Dance School teaches dance classes in:

  • Contemporary and Jazz Fusion
  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop
  • Creative Movement 

Our young preschool, children and youth students develop an appreciation for the art of dance as well as the physical skills and techniques specific to each dance genre.

We offer two sessions each year. The Fall session runs from September to December. The Recital session runs from January to June and includes the annual Dance Recital. 

Annual Recital

The annual Dovercourt Dance Recital is the highlight of our dance year!

The session fee includes the classes (January to June 2019), recital registration and costume. Recital tickets go on sale in May. There will be a dress rehearsal on the morning of the recital at Notre Dame. Professional photos will be taken and will be available for purchase on the afternoon of the recital.


Many students wear bodysuits, tights and dance skirts. Your dancer may wear any comfortable clothing (i.e. jogging pants, shorts, t-shirt), as long as it allows freedom of movement. We recommend a soft comfortable shoe such as jazz shoe, ballet/ gymnastic slipper, or bare feet (please no socks).

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